Patient Stories



Help Sofia stay in remission!

Six-year-old Sofia was diagnosed with acute leukemia in January. She is the only child, and her parents were shocked to learn about her diagnosis. Sofia’s treatment was started immediately, but she had a very difficult time tolerating the side effects of chemotherapy and was taken to ICU twice in the first month of treatment. Although […]


Help Ilona complete her treatment!

Ilona is 16. She was diagnosed with osteosarcoma 10 months ago, in July 2020 in the middle of pandemic. She was initially treated close to her home in Krasnodar krai in Russia, but osteosarcoma is a difficult, insidious cancer and it requires specialized treatment that was not available for Ilona locally. In September, her parents […]

Vladik 2

Vladik’s second cancer

Vladik was born in Ukraine in 2012. All was well, and he was growing up a smart and active boy. Vladik received many compliments on his beautiful eyes and he made his parents happy with his many talents. But then came the day that turned the life of the family into before and after: when […]


Can you help us save Zlata?

Little Zlata was born on December 12, 2015 in Dnipro, Ukraine. In late 2020 Zlata was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma of the left adrenal gland that had already mestastasized throughout her body. She had a surgery to remove the tumor and received chemotherapy in her native Ukraine.  She did not tolerate it well and […]


Help Victoria beat sarcoma!

In May 2020 Victoria, a 9-year-old elementary student from Ukraine, suddenly began having numbness and pain in her face. After evaluation and images, she was discovered to have a tumor of the bones at the base of her skull. Her parents were shocked at the news, but began Victoria’s treatment at the local hospital immediately. […]


Help Almira travel for evaluation

In 2011 Almira was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia that required bone marrow transplantation as treatment. After undergoing part of the treatment in St. Petersburg, Almira traveled with her parents to Israel where she received the bone marrow transplant from her baby sister. Numerous chemotherapy cycles and whole-body radiation therapy helped ensure success of the […]

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials:  we help patients who no longer benefit from standard cancer treatment available in the countries the former Soviet Union by researching open clinical trials and helping patients enroll when an appropriate study is found. Clinical trials database – – includes information on currently enrolling and completed clinical trials. Targeted search can be […]