Can you help us save Zlata?


Little Zlata was born on December 12, 2015 in Dnipro, Ukraine. In late 2020 Zlata was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma of the left adrenal gland that had already mestastasized throughout her body. She had a surgery to remove the tumor and received chemotherapy in her native Ukraine.  She did not tolerate it well and it was very hard for the whole family.  After chemotherapy administration, Zlata was twice moved to intensive care.  Her parents were in constant pain and anxiety over her condition, particularly once the doctors gave Zlata a negative prognsis.  Zlata’s parents searched urgently for hospitals around the world looking for specialists in neuroblastoma ​​who could give Zlata a chance to recover.   They received an invitation for treatment from Barcelona, Spain where doctors used US-developed antibody treatment to improve outcomes of existing therapies for neuroblastoma. This news gave them the strength to fight on, but the treatment is too expensive for Zlata’s family and they’re seeking support from others.  Please help if you can!