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Advita Fund USA was founded in October 2007 (tax ID: 26-1300404). We are a sister organization to AdVita fund in St. Petersburg, Russia that began in 2001 by featuring a handful of patients. It now works with four cancer hospitals in St. Petersburg and supports hundreds of cancer patients and their families from Russia and the former Soviet Union with daily purchases of medications, medical supplies, lodging and other treatment-related expenses.

Our Mission is to help cancer patients get access to the most effective treatments available. We want to make sure that our patients' lives depend not on their income or birthplace, but on the progress of modern medicine. We focus mainly on supporting children and adults undergoing treatment in St. Petersburg, Russia or those traveling for treatment abroad. Many of them come from remote parts of Russia and the former Soviet Union. Some patients require bone marrow transplants that are donated by foreign donors. Some, who have rare and less-studied types of cancer, have to travel for treatment or clinical trials abroad.

Where the Money Goes Your donations help us pay for bone marrow donor searches in the international registries, medical treatment, medications, diagnostic tests and scans, and direct help to affected families. We also serve as advocates for our patients: we help them obtain consultations by world-renowned experts, enroll in clinical trials with emerging medications, develop support network and raise funds for treatment. We are a volunteer-run organization.


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HELP VADIM AFFORD BONE MA... March 16, 2015 | 0 comments

Vadim is a 14-year-old boy from Ukraine. The story of his illness began in 2013 with an inflamed lymph node. Vadim had surgery, and then the family waited for the diagnosis for what seemed like a long time. ... Read more

SUPPORT VALERIA’S A... March 6, 2015 | 0 comments

Three-year-old Valeria is from Sakhalin island in Russian Far East. She is the only child. As a baby she had heart issues, but they resolved by the age of 2, and Lera was able to start preschool. Unfortunately, soon... Read more

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