Help Vova complete his treatment!


Vova is happy, friendly kid from Ukraine who loves animals and his bike. He is now 10. In April Vova had a cold that went away in a week. A few days later, his symptoms returned and Vova began feeling worse and worse. By the end of May he could not attend 4th grade graduation […]

Anastasia needs treatment with new medicine!


Anastasia is 10 years old.  She loves animals, and horses in particular.  She has been drawing them since she was little.  In January 2017 Anastasia was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Initial treatment took almost a year.  Anastasia was treated in a regional cancer hospital in Vladivostok, in Russia’s Far East.  Unfortunately, just two weeks […]

Stas needs our help to afford treatment!


Stas is a 14-year old from Ukraine.  In early 2017 he had a surgery to remove a tumor.  Local doctors determined it to be benign and Stas had no further treatment after the surgery.  In March 2019 Stas began having stomachaches and saw doctors again.  He was referred for evaluation, and the scans showed multiple […]

Sasha needs our help to fight leukemia!

Sasha A

Sasha is now 9.  Since March 2017 she has been fighting leukemia.  It was discovered by accident, when she was undergoing a physical exam prior to enrollment into elementary school.  In October 2017 Sasha completed her initial treatment and began maintenance therapy.  She was happy to start studying as a homeschooled student and hoped to […]

Help Eva afford treatment for kidney cancer!

eva crop

Five-year-old Eva has been fighting for her life for over a year.  It all started with flu in June 2018.  Only two days after Eva got over it, her fever came back, but this time without any other symptoms.  Next day, a bump appeared below her rib cage.  When her parents took Eva to a […]

Support Rodion in his fight with leukemia!


Rodion is a 14-year old from Odessa, Ukraine.  In January 2018 he began feeling unwell – and his family was shocked when he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.  At first, he was treated at the local Children’s Clinical Hospital, but without  success as he did not achieve complete remission.  Rodion’s diagnosis was then graded as High-Risk […]

Help Ali access latest leukemia drug!

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Ali is an 8-year old from Chechnya. Already he spent half of his life fighting for his life. He was diagnosed with B-cell lymphoma in 2015 and spent two years in treatment. Just a month after his family thought he was cancer-free, Ali had a relapse. In June 2018 he underwent stem cell transplant from […]

Help Roman travel for treatment!


Roman is 15 months old. He was diagnosed with Histiocytosis of Langerhans cells. When he was 3-4 month old, he had rash all over his body. For six months, his family could not find out what was causing the rash, despite many trips to the Regional Children’s Hospital in the city of Dnipro. Roman had […]

Help Oraz receive treatment for lymphoma!


Oraz is a 10-year old from Kazakhstan. He first began feeling unwell in early 2017. Unfortunately, local doctors failed to diagnose him correctly, and misdiagnosed him with tuberculosis. Oraz had two surgeries on his lymph nodes, but his disease continued to return. Finally, Oraz’s parents asked for a second opinion in Moscow. The correct diagnosis […]

Help Kate complete her treatment for sarcoma!


Ekaterina Romanenko has just turned 14 years old. She comes from Sakhalin Island, which is in the Far East of Russia. In 2017, Ekaterina has received two vaccinations against papillomavirus using Gardasil 9 vaccine. In October 2017, a month later after the second vaccination, she developed a painful swelling in the injection area, which had […]

Help Alina undergo bone marrow transplantation!


Alina’s problems with her health started in 2011 when she was just 4 years old. She was noted to have a low platelet count and diagnosed with chronic relapsing thrombocytopenic purpura, a disorder of immune system that causes it to attack platelets. By 2015, her disease transformed into aplastic anemia – a disease of bone […]

Help Artem afford chemotherapy!


Artem is a 12-year old from Ukraine. While his peers are busy with school and play with their friends, Artem is fighting for his life. Three years ago he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a type of blood cancer. For the first eight months, Artem was treated in his regional pediatric hospital. The treatment […]

Irina needs our support to afford treatment!

Irina G

Irina was born and grew up in Crimea. She had a gift for languages and became a teacher of English and Italian. Her son followed in her steps and he now teaches English as well. After takeover of Crimea by Russia in 2014, Irina’s family moved to Kiev where they started their lives over. They […]

Help Dima afford treatment for leukemia!

Dima photo

Dima is from Pervomaisk, a city in Southern Ukraine. He grew up a healthy child and enjoyed soccer and ballet. But as soon as he started elementary, he started getting sick often, and was hospitalized twice in the first grade. Then, just before he turned 8, Dima suddenly turned pale and his lymph nodes enlarged. […]

Support Sasha in his fight with bone cancer!


Sasha has a difficult diagnosis: Ewing’s sarcoma of his foot. Just five months ago he was an honors student at 4th grade, with many awards for his achievements. No one could imagine that very soon Sasha’s family will have to fight for his life and go abroad to try to save him. Sasha is already […]

Help Sofia undergo surgery for colon cancer!


Sophia is a young woman from Sochi, Russia. In 2015 her son Sasha was born and Sophia was overjoyed. However, a few months later she began feeling unwell. Initially, her doctors believed that she was experiencing post-delivery complications, but the problems weren’t going away. In June 2016 Sophia was found to have a tumor in […]

Help Alexei find a donor!


Alexei is from Chelyabinsk. He is married and has two daughters. Most of his free time is dedicated to his family – bringing up his daughters, playing guitar, camping together at nearby lakes. Since his youth Alexei worked hard multiple jobs and out of town to make sure his family was provided for. Several years […]

David needs to travel abroad for transplantation


David is 3 years old. A year ago, he started having fevers and his blood test revealed low count of platelets. David needed to get blood transfusions to increase his platelets – again and again. After observation for nearly a year, David was diagnosed with myelodisplastic syndrome, a blood disorder that can only be cured […]

Misha needs our help to travel for evaluation

Misha 2 crop

Seven-year-old Misha is from Belarus. Tn May 2015 he suddenly stopped being able to breathe through his nose. His worried parents took him through multiple consultations before a diagnosis of cancer was established. Like a marker, it divided their lives into years without pain, and years with constant tests, infusions, fatigue, exhaustion and pain. In […]

Help Petr prevent cancer recurrence!


In 2015 Petr was diagnosed with skin cancer, melanoma. A year later, the doctors found that cancer spread to his brain, left lung, right shoulder and lymph nodes. Thanks to recently developed targeted drugs for melanoma, Petr was able to achieve remission, but melanoma can still return at any time. His family is worried about […]

Help David defeat sarcoma!


David is just two years old. His family is from Ukraine. Until recently, he was growing normally, was very active and loved running around. However, in December 2016, his mom felt a mass on his right leg when putting David to bed. They took David to see a doctor right away. The diagnosis of cancer […]

Help Maruf afford targeted therapy!


Maruf is married with three children. He lives in Uzbekistan. In 2012 he was incorrectly diagnosed and had surgery for hemorrhoids. Later, he was treated for hernia, and only in 2013 he was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer. Maruf underwent surgery again, then six cycles of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Unfortunately, in late 2014 […]

Help Oleg afford surgery for brain tumor!


Oleg, a father of two young children from Ukraine, suffers from a very rare tumor, chondrosarcoma. It affects bones of the skull and occurs once in a million. Oleg was operated in Ukraine in 2015, but the tumor was removed only partially. The remaining part began to grow rapidly, and Oleg soon needed another surgery. […]

Help Mikhail fight melanoma!


Mikhail is from Tula, an ancient Russian city. He loves guitar and plays music. A year ago, Mikhail became a father, and soon after he was also diagnosed with melanoma. In February 2016 Mikhail had surgery to remove it, but when additional surgery was needed, the doctors were hesitant. Mikhail suffers from hemophilia, and surgery […]

Yaroslav’s only chance


Four-year-old Yaroslav was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in May 2016. Until then he was a happy and very active kid, but suddenly he became drained of energy, unable to play and run around, and developed fever and rash. His parents are doing their best to save their son. Unfortunately, six months of chemotherapy did […]

Andrei needs our support to fight sarcoma!


Andrei is a teen from Kiev, capital of Ukraine. He is 13 years old. Andrei suffers from Ewing’s sarcoma in his left humerus. The first symptoms appeared in July 2015. The diagnosis could not be determined then. In January 2016, the pain intensified. It took much time, inspections and tests, sleepless nights, and wrong diagnoses, […]

Support Platon in his fight against leukemia!


Three-year old Platon from Ukraine was diagnosed with acute leukemia in August. He began his treatment in Kiev, but his parents soon decided to take him abroad to Israel due to access to better specialists, trained personnel, and modern medications. Platon’s family raised over $80,000 for his initial treatment, but they need help with living […]

Help Narmin beat leukemia!


Narmin is a seven years old girl from Baku, Azerbaijan. This year she finished 1st grade with very good grades. She was getting ready to start 2nd grade, but life gave her the most difficult challenge. Narmin’s family were about to celebrate her 7th birthday when the same day they got results from the doctor […]

Help Uliana undergo bone marrow transplantation!


Four-year old Uliana from Ukraine has always been a very healthy girl. Unfortunately, this summer her happy childhood has been interrupted by a sudden onset of leukemia, blood cancer. Uliana spent several months receiving treatment at her home town, but then her family had to take her to Italy for high-dose chemotherapy and bone marrow […]

Help Anna travel for clinical trial!


Anna is a 39 year-old woman from St Petersburg, Russia, a mother of two lovely kids. During her second pregnancy in 2012 she was diagnosed with melanoma. After her daughter was born, she had a surgery to remove the tumor from her back. Unfortunately, in 2015 she relapsed, and the tumor spread to brain, lungs […]

Help Alexander afford a lifesaving medication!


At the age of only 31 Alexander was diagnosed with skin cancer (melanoma), stage III. In August 2015 he had surgery in St. Petersburg. Then he underwent five more operations at the Assuta clinic in Israel. The Israeli Professor Schechter prescribed a course of treatment with a medication called Keytruda. It is an innovative and […]

Help Nina afford chemotherapy!

Nina M

Eight-year-old Nina from Stavropol is the youngest of three children. She has been having health issues since she was a toddler when she was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid idiopathic arthritis. When she was 6, she developed a lymphoproliferative disorder from the treatment. And in December 2014, Nina began deteriorating again. She started having headaches, fever, […]

Help Almira travel for evaluation


In 2011 Almira was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia that required bone marrow transplantation as treatment. After undergoing part of the treatment in St. Petersburg, Almira traveled with her parents to Israel where she received the bone marrow transplant from her baby sister. Numerous chemotherapy cycles and whole-body radiation therapy helped ensure success of the […]

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials:  we help patients who no longer benefit from standard cancer treatment available in the countries the former Soviet Union by researching open clinical trials and helping patients enroll when an appropriate study is found. Clinical trials database – – includes information on currently enrolling and completed clinical trials. Targeted search can be […]