Anna needs your help to defeat sarcoma


Anna is a bright and happy 15-year old. In spring of 2019 a classmate pushed her, and she ended up with a back trauma that healed over time. But six months later, she began having pain in her pelvis and started limping. Anna’s parents took her to a neurologist and she was diagnosed with an inflamed muscle nerve and pelvic tilt. The treatment did not help. A month later, Anna had to start using crutches to move around. Then Anna was admitted in a different hospital where she spent two weeks being evaluated. Shockingly, she was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, stage IV and metastases in her lungs.

Anna was referred to the National Cancer Institute in Kiev where her diagnosis was confirmed and treatment recommendations issued. She began treatment. But certain treatment procedures are not available in Ukraine, and after Anna completed initial chemotherapy her family took her to Spain to continue highly specialized treatment.

Anna still has to undergo autologous stem cell transplant, surgery to replace her pelvic bone with an implant, and maintenance treatment. All of this is very expensive and her family needs our support. Your help will make sure Anna gets the treatment she needs to get well.