Help Rostislav beat neuroblastoma!

Rostislav – sm

Rostislav is 3 years old. He has been growing up healthy and happy and enjoyed going to daycare. A month ago he suddenly began complaining of stomachaches, and his parents took him to see a doctor. A large abdominal tumor was discovered by Rostislav’s local doctors in Khmelnitskyi, in western Ukraine, and he was referred for additional evaluation in Kyiv. In Kyiv, Rostislav was diagnosed with aggressive childhood cancer, neuroblastoma. Unfortunately, initial tumor metastasized to Rostislav’s bone marrow by that time. Neuroblastoma’s treatment is highly complex and challenging and requires several approaches – surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and immunotherapy. Immunotherapy, which reduces risk of relapse, is only available abroad, and Rostislav’s parents took him to Spain to access this treatment. While they raised money for initial deposit, they will need to raise much more to be able to complete treatment, and any help will be much appreciated.