Ulyana needs our help to beat sarcoma

Ulyana P

Little Ulyana is not yet two, but already she is facing a struggle for her life.  In July 2020 she fell and got a bump on her head that would not go away. The doctors did not see a reason to be concerned at first, but by the end of August the bump had visibly grown. An X-ray showed fracture of Ulyana’s skull – and a CT scan revealed large tumor pressing on it.  A tumor biopsy diagnosed it as Ewing’s sarcoma – an aggressive malignant tumor.  Ulyana’s doctors were pessimistic about her survival chances, and her parents began searching for second opinions and consultations.  Sant Joan de Deu Hospital in Barcelona reviewed Ulyana’s case and invited her for treatment.  They are a large specialty Children’s hospital with experience in treating patients like Ulyana.  However, better treatment comes with a higher cost and Ulyana’s parents will be responsible for the full cost of treatment.  They will appreciate any help.