Eva needs our help to beat neuroblastoma!

Eva V

My name is Sasha. My daughter Eva was born on February 9, 2019. Eva grew up a very calm child, did not act up, went to bed herself, and ate well. In 2 months, her teeth got out and by age of 1 she had all the teeth and, accordingly, all this was accompanied by an increase in temperature, so I did not think anything was wrong. And in the month of August, when a lump appeared on Eva’s head, I thought that she had hit it and that it would pass over time. Only the lump did not pass, but on the contrary began to grow. Then I saw a pediatric surgeon and we asked if it was a cyst, but the doctor said it may be malignant and offered to wait and see for a month. Eve was getting worse and worse. Her temperature was getting harder to bring down. My mother suggested not to wait a month and to go to Moscow instead. We found a pediatric Oncology clinic there. At the clinic, Eva had a full examination and was diagnosed with retroperitoneal neuroblastoma stage 4. It was a shock to me, the ground was slipping away from under my feet.  I could not understand why should my little girl suffer so much. She’s just a baby. At the moment, she had completed 2 courses of high-dose chemotherapy. In Russia, we are told in plain language that her situation is difficult and that the outcome may be the worst!  The location of neuroblastoma metastases is not the most typical – they are in Eva’s head.  The tumor is so aggressive and large, it has metastasized to the back of the head, to her bones and bone marrow. There is a possibility of neuroblastoma spreading to the brain.  We have decided to travel for treatment in Spain where Eva will have access to modern treatments.  Please help us get her well!