Alexei needs our help to beat neuroblastoma


Alexei is 3 years old. He is from Ryazan, Russia. When he was 2 years old he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, high risk. This is a relatively common solid tumor that arises primarily in children. After undergoing standard therapy Alexei achieved good partial response and needed to continue treatment with immunotherapy that is not registered in Russia. By the time the medication was purchased abroad and brought to Russia, Alexei had a massive relapse in his brain. By a miracle, he survived surgery. In April Alexei was supposed to start treatment in Moscow, but due to coronavirus pandemic, it was postponed. Then Alexei caught an infection, and his hospitalization was moved to a later date once again. It is very dangerous for Alexei to delay treatment, and his family sought treatment abroad. Sant Joan de Deu hospital in Barcelona agreed to accept Alexei for recently approved immunotherapy with a partial prepayment, and the family urgently flew out. However, they need help with fundraising to ensure they can complete Alexei’s treatment. Thank you for your support!