Help Sasha receive treatment for brain tumor!


Sasha was born healthy and developed like other babies, but when she was 8 months old, her mom noticed one of her eyes was moving slightly. Sasha was taken to see neurologists, and after MRI a 3 cm tumor was discovered in her head. In December 2018 Sasha was scheduled for surgery in Moscow. Unfortunately, she picked up an infection while at the hospital and the surgery was postponed. In March 2019 she was able to return for surgery that took 8 hours due to difficult location of the tumor. She then started chemotherapy but it was accompanied by severe side effects, including hydrocephaly. In May 2019 Sasha had second surgery. Again, serious side effects developed – such as diabetes, seizures and vision loss. Subsequent chemo caused Sasha to develop sores in her mouth. Despite all treatment, Sasha’s tumor appeared to remain the same. Her parents decided to take her for a second opinion to the US in the hope of obtaining new recommendations. The evaluation will be costly and Sasha’s parents will appreciate any support.