Ivan needs our support in his 3rd fight with leukemia

Ivan summer2019

Ivan’s fight for his life began 9 years ago, when he was only 4. On September 2, 2010 to his parents’ utter shock he was diagnosed with acute leukemia. Ivan was treated at the local hospital in Nikolaev, Ukraine and it went well. Once he finished treatment, Ivan completed preschool and then entered elementary. Suddenly, Ivan collapsed with partial paralysis and loss of consciousness. The testing revealed recurrence of acute leukemia, and this time only bone marrow transplant could give Ivan hope for cure. In July 2015 Ivan’s family took him to Bambino Gesu hospital in Rome, Italy and in November Ivan received donor’s bone marrow transplant. Again, Ivan returned to normal life – school and hobbies, math and kickboxing. His family hoped the worst was behind them. Unfortunately, four years later, in September 2019, Ivan felt unwell during practice and, as it turned out, he had a second relapse. His family was shuttered by the news, but they came together and decided to return to Italy for treatment, as the local doctors had no experience treating patients post bone marrow relapse. Currently, Ivan is receiving immunotherapy and he is responding well. Ivan’s parents are unable to work as they are taking care of Ivan in Italy. They will appreciate any support.