Help Vova complete his treatment!


Vova is happy, friendly kid from Ukraine who loves animals and his bike. He is now 10. In April Vova had a cold that went away in a week. A few days later, his symptoms returned and Vova began feeling worse and worse. By the end of May he could not attend 4th grade graduation because of headaches and earaches, nausea and vomiting. He had extensive treatment for supposed ear infection and several antibiotic therapies. They had no effect, however, and in July Vova had an MRI of his brain. The findings were shocking – Vova had a large tumor that was located close to vitally important areas, so the neurosurgeons were not be able to operate him or even biopsy the tumor.
Vova’s parents decided to take him abroad for a second opinion and traveled to Memorial hospital in Turkey. There Vova was evaluated, and a piece of tumor was taken for testing through a tube in his nose. Unfortunately, it turned out to be mesenchymal chondrosarcoma, extremely rare cancer. Although the tumor is inoperable, Vova can be treated with chemotherapy, radiation and bone marrow transplant. The cost of treatment will exceed $100,000 and Vova’s family is seeking help.