Help Nikita complete treatment for sarcoma!


Nikita is 4 years old and his life seemed to change seemingly overnight. Last Easter he was happily celebrating with his family, but just five days later he was urgently hospitalized with suspected appendicitis. Unfortunately, during surgery a tumor was found that grew all over Nikita’s abdomen. It turned out to be malignant – a type of childhood cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma that affects soft and connective tissues, like muscles and tendons.
Nikita was urgently started on chemotherapy and received three cycles, but then developed severe side effects involving his colon and bladder. It was also very difficult on Nikita emotionally – he became aggressive and resistant. His parents decided that things had to change and found a clinic in Turkey where a treatment plan for Nikita was developed for a year ahead. Nikita has been tolerating it much better and he is acting like himself again.
His family prepaid 1/2 of the treatment estimate, but they have to raise the rest of the money quickly. Thank you for your support of Nikita and kids like him!