Help Matvei finish treatment for kidney cancer!


Four-year-old Matvei from Ukraine suffers from kidney cancer. Just a few months ago, in late September, he went with his mom to a specialized camp near the Black Sea where he had art and speech therapy. But one evening, his abdomen grew noticeably. His mom took Matvei to a pediatrician the next day, but a few days later Matvei’s tummy was still distended. Matvei was taken for an ultrasound next, and the results were shocking – he was found to have a tumor near his kidney. Additional tests indicated that the tumor likely already spread, and Matvei’s parents urgently brought him to Kiev for a second opinion. They were advised to start treatment right away without waiting for the additional test results, but they decided to travel to nearby Turkey to make sure Matvei has access to better diagnostics and treatments. The treatment is expensive, estimated to cost $150,000, and Matvei already began treatment. He had chemotherapy and surgery to remove tumor, and will need to complete additional chemotherapy rounds to prevent cancer from coming back. Matvei is already feeling much better, but his family needs our support to ensure Matvei can finish his treatment.