Misha needs our help to travel for evaluation

Misha 2 crop

Seven-year-old Misha is from Belarus. Tn May 2015 he suddenly stopped being able to breathe through his nose. His worried parents took him through multiple consultations before a diagnosis of cancer was established. Like a marker, it divided their lives into years without pain, and years with constant tests, infusions, fatigue, exhaustion and pain. In June 2015 Misha began treatment for stage III embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma of soft tissue of his face. In his home country, Misha completed five cycles of chemotherapy that he did not tolerate well and had to have multiple blood transfusions. Next, Misha was scheduled for surgery, but as he did not have a complete response by then, his parents decided to continue treatment in Israel. There Misha had additional chemotherapy, followed by highly complex surgery and 23 sessions of radiation therapy. At last, he achieved complete remission. However, his disease can be very aggressive and requires careful monitoring. In October Misha needs to travel to Israel for a checkup to make sure everything is well.