Nurislam needs our support!

Nurislam Er

Nurislam is 5. For two of those five years, he has been fighting cancer, neuroblastoma. It’s a most common solid cancer in children, and it is one of the most aggressive, particularly when it recurs. It requires surgery, chemo and radiation therapy to get it under control. A few years ago, a new treatment, immunotherapy, was shown to improve survival chances of kids with neuroblastoma. This therapy is only available in Europe and the United States. It was not available in Nurislam’s native Kazakhstan, and his parents had to take him abroad to access this treatment.
Currently, Nurislam is in Barcelona, Spain where the doctors were able to eliminate cancer cells from most of his body. However, he still has lesions in his bones, and he needs to undergo immunotherapy to have a chance to live.
Nurislam’s family sold their house and a car to pay the hospital bills, but they are still short on money as they have to pay out of pocket for all of Nurislam’s medical costs. Nurislam had recently began walking again and his family is hoping for a cure. They will be grateful for any help.