Support Valeria’s access to treatment


Valeria is from Sakhalin island in Russian Far East. She is the only child. As a baby she had heart issues, but they resolved by the age of 2, and Lera was able to start preschool. Unfortunately, soon after in fall of 2014 she developed pain in her abdomen and intestinal problems. For weeks she was treated by local doctors for an intestinal infection, but her condition only worsened: her legs started hurting and Lera began limping. Eventually, she had CT scan that showed tumors in her body. Lera was referred to a pediatric center in Moscow, but she could not be accepted there, as they had no availability. Her parents had to act fast, and they sent requests to several clinics around the world. They received several invitations, and chose to go to Israel. There Lera’s diagnosis of stage IV neuroblastoma, a type of childhood cancer, was confirmed. Valeria underwent extensive and difficult treatment: chemotherapy, surgery, stem cell transplant, radiation treatment and immunotherapy. She responded well and completed treatment in 2016.
For 3.5 years all was well, and Lera enjoyed her life. In 2019 she started elementary and was receiving perfect grades. She played sports and studied music.
Unfortunately, in early December Lera began to have a fever and a sore back. Local doctors did a lot of tests, but didn’t find anything. By the end of the month, the pain increased, Lera lost a lot of weight and had no appetite at all. She was hospitalized in the local Hematology Department and had ultrasound and MRI. Lera’s parents sent documents to Israel and were told to visit urgently.
On January 3rd, Lera and her parents went to Israel. When they met their doctor, she said that Lera’s MRI revealed a relapse in her spine. Lera was started on 4 courses of chemotherapy, after which she will be evaluated. The treatment is costly, and Lera’s parents are asking for help.