Support Timur in his fight with leukemia!


Timur is from Ukraine. Two years ago his family learned that Timur had blood cancer (acute lymphoblastic leukemia). He went through through many different tests and high-dose chemotherapy. The treatment went for 2 years and it seemed to be working. Timur got better except for the side effects of chemotherapy.
After 4 months of remission Timur’s parents received terrible news that his cancer returned and transformed into myeloid leukemia (AML). In Ukraine Timur was given only 15% chance of survival and the family opted to take him to Turkey, where the treatment will be more aggressive but his odds to survive will be better.
One of the Turkish clinics agreed to admit Timur for further chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant.
While his family is more hopeful for their little boy, there is no way that they can afford Timur’s treatment on their own. With Russian invasion in Ukraine, Timur’s family got divided. His mom is taking care of Timur in Turkey, while his dad enlisted in the army, and his younger brother is staying in Ukraine with his grandparents.
Any help for Timur and his family will be much appreciated!