Yaroslava needs our support


Yarslava is a happy and bubbly six-year-old from Ukraine. She has loving parents and two younger siblings. In late May 2021 her right eye suddenly grew larger. Her parents immediately took her to see an ophthalmologist, who referred them to an oncologist. Unfortunately, a tumor was discovered behind Yaroslava’s eye. She was operated urgently. The testing confirmed the tumor to be malignant – embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma, stage III.
Yaroslava began chemotherapy in her local hospital. She did not tolerate it well and it was very difficult for her to continue chemotherapy, but she finished several more cycles. Unfortunately, it turned out that Yaroslava’s tumor was resistant to chemotherapy she was receiving. At this time, she exhausted all treatments available in her native Ukraine, and cancer is still a deadly threat. Sarcoma grows rapidly and aggressively if given a chance.
Yaroslava’s parents decided to take her abroad to Turkey to access different treatment options. Yaroslava will have a long treatment ahead of her, including radiation and additional chemo, but it’s another chance for her to beat cancer. Her parents will appreciate any support, as they are facing around $200,000 in bills for Yaroslava’s treatment.