Treatment Abroad


These patients currently need help

David N David is 5. Normally an active and happy boy, he suddenly developed cough that would not go away. The cough worsened with time, then David started vomiting, having stomachaches and waking up at night. For months, his parents took him to see various specialists, but none offered a diagnosis or therapy. Eventually, David’s mom saw an urologist who referred them to a surgeon to evaluate for appendicitis. David had an urgent surgery, during which extensive abdominal cancer was discovered. This type of cancer is very rare and extremely aggressive. Since then David had chemotherapy to shrink tumors, but to have a hope for a cure, David needs to travel to MD Anderson Cancer Center where young patients with his diagnosis have been treated successfully. Please help David afford treatment!
gulchira Gulchira was diagnosed lung cancer, despite being a non-smoker. As adequate treatment was not available in her native Uzbekistan, she traveled to India for evaluation. The tests showed she has EGFR mutation, for which several medications were approved in recent years. These medications can be effective, but are very costly. Please help Gulchira afford life-saving medications! 5/5/13: After 4 cycles of therapy with Iressa, Gulchira’s tumors shrank in half. She was recommended to continue therapy for 4-5 more cycles.


slava-v Slava is 6 years old. He suffers from relapse of neuroblastoma, common childhood solid tumor. Slava was initially diagnosed in spring of 2009. His friends and family raised funds for his treatment in Italy, and Slava achieved remission after many months of therapy. Unfortunately, he relapsed a year later. This time treatment in Italy did not result in remission, and Slava’s family began looking elsewhere. Cincinnati Children’s Hospital had offered a treatment plan, but Slava needs to begin therapy quickly to stop disease progression. Please help Slava get well! 4/21/13: Slava began chemotherapy at MD Anderson hospital in Houston.
sofia Sofia Kharchyk is a 3-year-old from Ukraine. In June 2011 she was diagnosed with a sarcoma of brain. Her parents sold their apartment in just 4 days and flew to Israel to start treatment. They were determined to save their only child. In Israel Sofia underwent surgery, followed by radiation and chemotherapy. Unfortunately, the tumor began to grow back after almost a year of treatment. The family began looking elsewhere for further therapy. Cincinnati Children’s Hospital accepted Sofia. There the diagnosis was changed to PNET. Since coming to the US, Sofia underwent proton radiation, which allowed for more targeted therapy. She also began chemotherapy. The treatment is expected to take a long time, and Sofia’s family needs help to afford it.

Please support Sofia in her fight against cancer! You can also visit her personal website to learn more.

elyor-babaev1 Elyor Babaev from Uzbekistan is just 3 months old. When he was only 40 days old, his parents noticed white spots inside his pupils. After a visit to a doctor, retinoblastoma (eye cancer) was diagnosed in both eyes. As it is not treated in Uzbekistan, the family urgently had to fly to a specialist clinic in Essen, Germany. The cost of treatment is estimated to be 20,000 euros. Please help Elyor get well! Elyor’s family also has a fundraising page at CaringBridge. 10/26/12: Elyor completed 6 cycles of chemotherapy, and after detailed evaluation, his doctor recommended regular monthly testing in Germany. If he needs further treatment, it will be continued. Monthly visits will cost the family around 1500 euros each and include examinations by pediatrician, ophthalmologist, ENT, lodging and travel. The family earns only 400 euros a month, and they will really appreciate financial support. 3/8/13: Unfortunately, Elyor was diagnosed with a relapse. He needs to start urgent treatment. The bill for radiation therapy is 17,000 euros. Please help Elyor get well! 4/27/13: Elyor is completing radiation therapy. It will be followed by evaluation.