Support Sasha in his fight with bone cancer!


Sasha has a difficult diagnosis: Ewing’s sarcoma of his foot. Just five months ago he was an honors student at 4th grade, with many awards for his achievements. No one could imagine that very soon Sasha’s family will have to fight for his life and go abroad to try to save him.
Sasha is already 10. He is a very kind, sensitive and optimistic boy. He loves to draw and sing, work on puzzles and Lego. After he learned about his illness he matured, became more thoughtful and developed new interests. He began appreciating everything about his life. Inside, however, Sasha is still a small boy, sweet and touchy. Before he got sick, Sasha loved soccer and even got a silver medal in district championship. His favorite team is Real Madrid. Sasha loves watching all their games and celebrating their victories. Just a short while ago, he was dreaming to become a famous player like Ronaldo… It is still a dream. Sasha’s parents hope that one day he will be able to play soccer again, while they will be proud of his victories. But first, they need to finish the long journey and defeat his cancer.
Sasha is currently undergoing treatment in Israel and will need substantial financial support to be able to finish treatment. Please help!