Sasha needs our help to fight leukemia!

Sasha A

Sasha is now 9.  Since March 2017 she has been fighting leukemia.  It was discovered by accident, when she was undergoing a physical exam prior to enrollment into elementary school.  In October 2017 Sasha completed her initial treatment and began maintenance therapy.  She was happy to start studying as a homeschooled student and hoped to join her friends in elementary one day.  Just four months later, however, she had a very early relapse.

Sasha was accepted for further treatment in a children’s hospital in Moscow.  There she received stem cell transplant from a donor in May 2018.  Unfortunately, 140 days past transplant, Sasha’s disease returned.  The doctors in Moscow had one more experimental therapy to try.  In November Sasha  received immunotherapy with CAR T-cells, and had a good response.  Once again, it was short-lived.  In February 2019 Sasha had the third relapse.  At that point, Sasha’s doctors had nothing else to offer.  They did recommend to try other clinics around the world, where additional immunotherapy options were available.

Currently, Sasha is in Munster, Germany, where she is receiving therapy with inotuzumab, a new drug for leukemia.  Her doctors are hoping to bring her to remission and then transplant stem cells from another donor to keep the disease from coming back.  Sasha has one last chance to get well, but it comes at a high cost.  Her family cannot afford for treatment, and they have asked several charities to pitch in and help.