Irina needs our support to afford treatment!

Irina G

Irina was born and grew up in Crimea. She had a gift for languages and became a teacher of English and Italian. Her son followed in her steps and he now teaches English as well.
After takeover of Crimea by Russia in 2014, Irina’s family moved to Kiev where they started their lives over. They worked hard to rebuild their lives. Unfortunately, in late 2017 Irina was urgently hospitalized. The tests revealed colon cancer that resulted in complete blockage of her intestines and metastases in her liver. The situation was grave, and Ukrainian doctors only expected her to have 3 months to live.
Irina’s family decided to get a second opinion. They took their life savings, sold a house in Crimea, and took Irina to Israel for treatment. There she had completed seven cycles of chemotherapy, and her disease responded. However, Irina needs to raise more money to continue her treatment. She will appreciate any help.