Help Sofia undergo surgery for colon cancer!


Sophia is a young woman from Sochi, Russia. In 2015 her son Sasha was born and Sophia was overjoyed. However, a few months later she began feeling unwell. Initially, her doctors believed that she was experiencing post-delivery complications, but the problems weren’t going away. In June 2016 Sophia was found to have a tumor in her colon. A biopsy determined that it was cancerous. Sophia flew to Moscow for a second opinion, but unfortunately, after extensive testing the results were confirmed. In July 2016 Sophia was operated in Moscow and part of her colon and 30 lymph nodes were removed. No further treatment was offered except for follow-up evaluations. In April 2017 Sophia was told that new tumors were found and she needed new surgery. Three weeks later Sophia was scheduled for the operation, but at the last moment it was canceled because it was determined that the tumor is located in a difficult to reach place. Instead, Sophia began radiation and chemotherapy in the hope to shrink her tumor to operable size. In November Sophia flew to Moscow for another evaluation, but her hopes were dashed when it was shown that the tumor did not respond well. In January 2018 Sophia once again came in for a consultation regarding possibility of a surgery. She was told that the surgeons could try to remove the tumor, but there was a high risk of her ending up paralyzed as a result. She was recommended to seek additional opinions abroad.
In February Sophia went to Israel where she was considered operable. The surgery went well, but additional metastases in her bones were found. It means Sophia will need to remain in Israel for some time to ensure that her disease is under control. Meanwhile, she is billed for medical costs and has to rely on fundraising to afford treatment. Please help Sophia get well and return home to her son!