Help Sofia afford radiation treatment!


In early 2019 little Sofia just turned 1 when she suddenly began losing her recently acquired ability to walk. Soon after she began vomiting – as frequently as 3 times a day. When she was examined, a tumor – rare and highly malignant anaplastic ependymoma – was discovered in her brain. Her parents traveled from their native Kazakhstan to Moscow where Sofia underwent two surgeries in the span of two weeks. Afterwards, she received proton radiation on the tumor site. For two years, Sofia was followed every three months and was doing well. Unfortunately, in April 2021 the images showed recurrence of tumor. Sofia’s parents had to search all over for a hospital that would accept Sofia for treatment, and they found one in Spain. There the doctors expected to be able to remove all of the tumor surgically, and continue treatment with radiation treatment. While Sofia’s parents were able to raise money for surgery, they still need help to afford radiation treatment that is critical to ensure no tumor cells are left behind after surgery. They will appreciate any help.