Help Oleg afford surgery for brain tumor!


Oleg, a father of two young children from Ukraine, suffers from a very rare tumor, chondrosarcoma. It affects bones of the skull and occurs once in a million. Oleg was operated in Ukraine in 2015, but the tumor was removed only partially. The remaining part began to grow rapidly, and Oleg soon needed another surgery. It was more successful and kept the tumor from returning for almost a year. But in late 2016, the tumor started to grow again. Oleg now needs one more surgery, after which he plans to go for proton radiation therapy that may result in long-term control. The surgery is planned to take place in France where the doctors are more experienced with this type of tumor and are able to offer more precise surgical procedures. Oleg is hopeful for support with the costs of his treatment, as he has to cover the full cost out of his own pocket.