Help Narek undergo chemotherapy for brain tumor!


Narek needs help to afford chemotherapy to target remaining brain lesions. Here is a letter his mother sent us:

Good day

I am writing in hopes to find your support for the treatment of my son Narek.

Narek is now 11 years old. He was born perfectly healthy and was enjoying his childhood like all other children. He began practicing chess at the early age of 4 and attending chess academy at the age of 6 and soon ensured 3rd category qualification. At school he was an excellent pupil with excellent marks. He especially adored math and Armenian studies. Narek was distinguished by his exemplary conduct and knowledge.

Narek was diagnosed with IV category brain tumor (meduloblastoma) in November 27, 2015. Forecasts of doctors were not encouraging and an immediate surgery was necessary to save the child’s life. We were recommended to perform the surgery in Germany or Israel due to its complicated nature. A number of clinics refused to perform this kind surgery, but we managed to find a German clinic (Asklepios) willing to perform it.

We were able to find the preliminary required sum amounting to 23000 Euros with great efforts and traveled to Germany. The surgery went well and the main body of the tumor was dissected. Doctors recommended passing intensive courses of chemotherapy and radiotherapy due to metastases found at inoperable sections of the brain.

We were able to commence the chemotherapy by the support of our friends and donations amounting to 14000 Euros, but unfortunately it was not enough to complete the course. We then referred to several German charitable organizations which kindly provided us with 33000 Euros to continue Narek’s treatment. Narek needed platelet and blood transfusions every time after intensive chemotherapy sessions. After two courses of chemotherapy the results came back better than expected and metastases reduced by over 50%. We were sent to Cologne Clinic to pass radiotherapy course.

A 45-day treatment gave excellent results reducing metastases by 50%, but there were still some small formations left which the doctors promised to treat by yet another course of chemotherapy costing 42000 Euros. The Clinic refuses continuing the treatment without the due sum paid while time works against Narek and any delay can bring to the re-occurrence of the condition. The doctors say my son will not get the chance of second treatment if we lose this one.
Currently I am in a desperate situation. The 10 months of suffering and struggle of my son may vanish because of that sum. Narek wasn’t able to speak for about 8 months after the surgery. He is still confined to a wheelchair, but he is a strong boy and you could tell by the look in his eyes that he struggles for his life each and every moment. Please, help Narek overcome this last ordeal. He needs this support more than ever.

We have applied to several funds, but got no response. I am not able to look into my son’s eyes when he asks about when he is to start the next stage of the treatment and return to his homeland to his friends and relatives whom he misses tremendously.

Narek`s mother, Lilit Grigoryan