Help Mikhail fight melanoma!


Mikhail is from Tula, an ancient Russian city. He loves guitar and plays music. A year ago, Mikhail became a father, and soon after he was also diagnosed with melanoma. In February 2016 Mikhail had surgery to remove it, but when additional surgery was needed, the doctors were hesitant. Mikhail suffers from hemophilia, and surgery is much riskier for him due to blood clotting disorder. Mikhail had find more experienced specialists and to travel to Israel, where he underwent three surgeries in May 2016. He had to pay out of his own pocket for the medical care, and he still owes the hospitals in Israel. In addition, Mikhail needs to undergo therapy with a very expensive new medication, Keytruda. It is not registered in Russia, which means Mikhail has to pay full price for it and buy it abroad. He has to undergo treatment every three weeks to keep cancer in check. Mikhail’s family will be very grateful for any support.