Help Maruf afford targeted therapy!


Maruf is married with three children. He lives in Uzbekistan. In 2012 he was incorrectly diagnosed and had surgery for hemorrhoids. Later, he was treated for hernia, and only in 2013 he was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer. Maruf underwent surgery again, then six cycles of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Unfortunately, in late 2014 his cancer returned. Maruf had another surgery and 8 cycles of chemotherapy. In September 2016 Maruf had the second relapse. As his treatment options were limited, he had to travel to India to get access to newer treatments. There he was evaluated and prescribed targeted therapy. The cost of therapy is $20,000 for 6 cycles of treatment. Maruf and his family have exhausted their life savings during years of treatment. Maruf is now disabled and unable to work. He will appreciate any support.