Help Katya get treatment for nasopharyngeal carcinoma!

Katya B

Katya got sick in November 2018. It seemed like a viral infection. A few days later, lymph nodes on her neck got enlarged. Local doctors prescribed antibiotics, but it made no difference. A blood test showed inflammation, and then Katya began having severe headaches and lost hearing in her right ear. As it turned out, this is where her tumor was growing. Katya had a tumor biopsy in her local clinic and was diagnosed with a chondroma. Her family decided to ask for a second opinion and went to Kiev for another review. The diagnosis was then changed to nasopharyngeal carcinoma. However, Katya was not invited for treatment there.
Katya’s family decided to travel to Turkey to verify her diagnosis once again and access appropriate treatment. There the doctors confirmed that Katya had nasopharyngeal carcinoma and needed radiation treatment followed by chemotherapy. They expect Katya to respond well and recover completely. Katya’s family will appreciate any support!