Help Eva afford treatment for kidney cancer!

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Five-year-old Eva has been fighting for her life for over a year.  It all started with flu in June 2018.  Only two days after Eva got over it, her fever came back, but this time without any other symptoms.  Next day, a bump appeared below her rib cage.  When her parents took Eva to a doctor in Kiev, she was discovered to have a large tumor on her left kidney – Wilms’ tumor, or kidney cancer.  After four cycles of chemo, Eva had surgery, and although the tumor was taken out completely, it burst during surgery.  Eva continued treatment with 17 sessions of radiation therapy followed by planned 12 blocks of chemo, but a metastasis appeared even while she was undergoing 6th block.  After another surgery and additional cycle of chemo, a new inoperable metastasis was discovered in March 2019.  After more chemo and radiation, four more metastases appeared.  At that point, Ukrainian doctors had nothing else to offer, and Eva’s family began searching for clinics abroad.  Hadassah hospital in Israel agreed to take Eva for treatment that will include stem cell transplant.   However, it is very expensive and Eva’s family is struggling to raise funds.  They are inspired by Eva’s strength and courage and have faith in their daughter’s recovery.  They will appreciate any help.