Help Dima afford treatment for leukemia!

Dima photo

Dima is from Pervomaisk, a city in Southern Ukraine. He grew up a healthy child and enjoyed soccer and ballet. But as soon as he started elementary, he started getting sick often, and was hospitalized twice in the first grade. Then, just before he turned 8, Dima suddenly turned pale and his lymph nodes enlarged. When he was taken to the hospital, Dima’s blood test indicated leukemia.
Dima was treated in Hematology unit for almost 2 years. He went through multiple chemotherapy cycles, and had to deal with many side effects of medications. Eventually, his condition seemed to stabilize and even improve. But the hope turned out to be false; soon Dima had a relapse of the disease. At that point, Dima’s doctors said that he can only benefit from bone marrow transplant from a donor, which is done only abroad.
Dima’s family took him to Turkey for further treatment. However, despite additional chemotherapy, Dima’s condition continued to deteriorate. He had a second relapse while on treatment. Dima’s last chance for remission and possibly transplant now depends on whether his family can raise funds for treatment with blinatumomab, a new medication recently approved for leukemia patients. This medication is very expensive when not covered by insurance, and Dima’s family will appreciate any help.