Help Anna travel for clinical trial!


Anna is a 39 year-old woman from St Petersburg, Russia, a mother of two lovely kids. During her second pregnancy in 2012 she was diagnosed with melanoma. After her daughter was born, she had a surgery to remove the tumor from her back. Unfortunately, in 2015 she relapsed, and the tumor spread to brain, lungs and soft tissues of abdomen. Anna traveled to Sheba hospital in Israel, where she was recommended Keytruda therapy. This is an innovative drug but very expensive and not certified in Russia. Anna has received 4 cycles of therapy, which cost her family a lot of money. Afterwards, Anna has managed to enroll into a compassionate use program in Belgium. A recent examination showed the effectiveness of Keytruda therapy. The majority of metastases had decreased or disappeared without a trace and Anna has a chance for a full recovery! The doctors recommend her to continue with Keytruda therapy for as long as she benefits. Although Anna receives this expensive drug for free, she has to pay for the plane tickets to Europe and for the tests in the hospital every three weeks. Anna and her family will appreciate any help.