Help Alexei find a donor!


Alexei is from Chelyabinsk. He is married and has two daughters. Most of his free time is dedicated to his family – bringing up his daughters, playing guitar, camping together at nearby lakes. Since his youth Alexei worked hard multiple jobs and out of town to make sure his family was provided for. Several years ago, he began feeling discomfort near his heart. The test showed, however, that his heart was fine, but there was a blood disorder: myelofibrosis. During the last 6 years, Alexei tried different medications, but they only provided temporary relief. The only curative treatment in his case would be transplantation of blood stem cells from a donor. In addition, Alexei’s spleen has been severely damaged and needs to be surgically removed.

Bone marrow transplant is a costly and technically challenging process. A matching donor has to be located. Unfortunately, Alexei’s older brother was not a good match. A preliminary search showed that Alexei has many potential donors registered in the foreign registries. However, detailed testing of the donors and harvesting of stem cells cost 18,000 euros – an amount that is unaffordable for Alexei’s family. He is asking for our support to help him overcome this hurdle and continue to enjoy his family life and his daughters’ achievements.