Help Alexander afford a lifesaving medication!


At the age of only 31 Alexander was diagnosed with skin cancer (melanoma), stage III. In August 2015 he had surgery in St. Petersburg. Then he underwent five more operations at the Assuta clinic in Israel. The Israeli Professor Schechter prescribed a course of treatment with a medication called Keytruda. It is an innovative and extremely expensive drug, which hasn’t yet been certified in Russia. Alexander had found a clinic in Estonia where he can travel every 3 weeks to receive it. However, each trip will cost him 6,000 euros. His family knows him as a big-hearted husband and father of two wonderful kids (a 4-year-old daughter and a 1-year-old son) and probably the most positive person in the world. Alexander has very good chances to get well if he receives the entire treatment course that should last about a year. Alexander’s family will appreciate any help.