Andrei needs our support to fight sarcoma!


Andrei is a teen from Kiev, capital of Ukraine. He is 13 years old. Andrei suffers from Ewing’s sarcoma in his left humerus. The first symptoms appeared in July 2015. The diagnosis could not be determined then. In January 2016, the pain intensified. It took much time, inspections and tests, sleepless nights, and wrong diagnoses, while large doses of pain medication caused abdominal pain… Finally, in April 2016 at the Institute of Cancer in Kiev, an accurate diagnosis was determined: Ewing’s sarcoma of the left humerus. At that time, a pathological fracture occurred at biopsy site. The doctors decided to fix the fracture with an external metal plate. Then chemotherapy was started. After the third block of chemotherapy, Andrei and his mother left to Tel Aviv, to Ichilov Hospital for further treatment. They hope to have a better chances for success in Israel where the doctors are more experienced and better treatments are available.

Andrei still needs to receive six blocks of chemotherapy and 25 sessions of low-dose radiation. The required post-surgery chemotherapy is at risk due to the lack of funds from the parents. They urgently need to raise $70,000, and will appreciate any help.